Fall Giveaway

As the leaves turn color, it’s time for you to turn a new page of your own. LitRing has gathered over 100 authors across many genres for you to cozy up with. Check out their books on Bookbub in LitRing’s Turning a New Leaf Giveaway. After taking a look at these new authors, be sure to enter for your chance to win one of FIVE $50 gift cards!



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TBR Time

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Admit it, we all have a big TBR List.

(To Be Read List, that is)

You know the one, those books your pre-order and have waiting on your kindle for a little love. The solution . . . Join the #TBRdrive. Every Monday, readers are diving into their TBR list to pull out a gem to start reading. It’s a great way to kickstart a reading slump. And if by some miracle you’ve burnt through your TBR list then search the TBRdrive hastag to see what others are loving at the moment.

Note from the Author:

“Hey guys, here’s my current read. I was so excited when this came through on my kindle a few weeks ago. I pre-ordered it and have been dying to dive in. I cracked it a few days ago and I. AM. HOOKED!”


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Boyfriends are like chocolate . . .

You can never have too many!

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October 3rd is National Boyfriend Day! That makes it the perfect time to find a new book boyfriend to cozy up with.

Check out Christina Benjamin’s bestselling Boyfriend Series and find your favorite now.

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