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Hi all, happy new year. It’s still January so I think I can still say that! I’ve resolved to blog more, write more and do more for my book series The Geneva Project (TGP) so I thought a blog would help cover all those bases and be a good place to start!

It may be overkill because I do have a facebook page and a Twitter account and Website, but this is just one more cool way to spread the love for The Geneva Project.

Stop by to see a more in-depth look at all things TGP. I have a great feeling about 2014 for my book series. TGP-Truth is being honored at the London Book Festival for starters!

The next book in the series TGP-Secrets is due out this June. I’m in the midst of editing the first draft right now.

I also have some interviews lined up and a million and one fun ideas for contests, triva and games for all TGP fans.

So stop by here to read more details on what’s in store for The Geneva Project Book Series.

Christina Benjamin


About cbenjamin79

I love animals, music, travel and writing about all of it.
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