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I’ve been asked by a few people recently if The Geneva Project – Truth is available at Barnes & Noble Book stores.  Yes, it is available on their website to order in ebook format for your Nook.  But it isn’t available in paperback in their stores. 

I would LOVE to have my book in Barnes & Noble book stores.  Our store in The Villages even has a huge kids section that’s all set up to host story reading sessions.  That would be a dream come true to read my book to children there, but so far it’s still a dream. 

It’s very much a goal of mine to get my book into book stores.  Barnes & Noble would be a great one.  It’s one of my favorite stores.  I actually do a lot of writing there, and I used to bring my son there with me while I was working on the next book in The Geneva Project series so it holds a special place in my heart. 

But for now, you can only order The Geneva Project – Truth from Barnes & Noble for your Nook and if you want it in paperback you can get it on Amazon.  Check out our website to see all the other options available for purchase.  As for getting my book into stores, I think support from the fans speaks volumes, so keep requesting it at your local book stores and maybe we’ll be able to get it on the shelves soon.


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