Across the Pond

We’re starting our European Vacation today!  While I love that classic film, I hope our trip is nowhere near that eventful!

So far so good. We gave our pup Vinny a big hug and left grandma and grandpa in charge and then set off to drive to Orlando.  Philip and I arrived at the airport a full 4 hours before our flight is scheduled to leave.  I guess after 8 years of marriage he’s used to my neurotic travel needs.  I always want to be an hour earlier than recommended because “ya never know!”

We checked our bags, made it through security and found our gate.  I can officially relax now.  Glass of wine in hand, we ordered dinner and passed the time working on our laptops and watching the planes come in and out of the busy airport.

Now they’re getting ready to board our Virgin Atlantic flight, so I better wrap this up.  Keep following for more updates on our trip to London to attend the London Book Awards to celebrate The Geneva Project.








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I love animals, music, travel and writing about all of it.
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