Young Adult Fiction Writing Workshop

Christina Benjamin

Christina Benjamin

Hi my fellow writers. If you’re a writer, thinking about becoming one, or just want to check out something new in the industry, be sure to register for my Young Adult Fiction writing workshop. It’s April 25th, at 8:30 am in Altamonte Springs. Here’s a link where you can register.

Florida Writers Association has invited me to share what I’ve learned as an Indie Author who lives, sleeps and breathes YA fiction.

I’ve always loved the YA genre, stereotypes be damned, and I’m excited to be able to share the techniques that have worked for me with my own award-winning YA fiction series. I want to help you develop your ideas into writing that will excel in this genre by showing you how to connect to readers and apply some of my workshop techniques to your own work.

Hands on learning has always worked best for me, so this workshop offers you the opportunity to read from your own work, get constructive feedback, as well as do an on site edit where you can apply newly acquired tools. So please plan on bringing a 3-5 page writing sample that you’re okay with sharing. Don’t be afraid to share. Getting honest reader feedback is priceless and I’m all about sharing, connecting and empowering each other. To me, that’s the heart behind writing great YA fiction. This workshop is about building, so let’s get started.

Who is this workshop for?

  • First time Authors
  • Authors with unfinished work
  • Published Authors looking for new ideas

You will learn:

  • Story structure and pacing.
  • How to connect to your readers through character development.
  • How to apply workshop techniques to your own work.

Please bring paper and pen or your laptop.


About cbenjamin79

I love animals, music, travel and writing about all of it.
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