Marion County Library Teen Reader Event

What a fun time! Marion County Library knows how to host great reader events!

First off, I was stunned by the size and beauty of this library from the outside. Once inside, it just kept getting better. There’s a bookstore, meeting rooms and even an dedicated YA fiction room! That really got me excited. As I walked around, I even saw a flyer about the fun teen reader event, featuring my books!  (Totally biased, but it made me love this library even more.)

I was met by Morgan Brickey, who coordinated this event. She was so great to work with and very passionate in making sure that all the teen readers in the area knew about the event. I could see how much she loved literature as we discussed the types of books she likes and all the upcoming events at the library. Marion Co. library is lucky to have such a dedicated steward of literature in their midst.

There was a great turn out, with teens from six different school districts, reaching all the way to Orlando showing up to hear me speak about my writing journey. Some schools even offered extra credit to their students if they got a picture with the author. (What a great idea. I’m all for whatever sparks an interest in reading.)

I had a great time speaking about my books, what inspires me and how language arts have shaped my life. The students were so engaged and asked me some of the best questions I’ve fielded during our Q&A session. It was an honor to meet all these bright young readers and give them each a signed copy of my book, courtesy of the Marion County Library.

Bottom line, if you live in Marion County, check out this amazing library. I know I can’t wait to visit again.


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One Response to Marion County Library Teen Reader Event

  1. Morgan says:

    It was great having you here, Christina! I’m you had a good time and I’m super excited to start reading Secrets!

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