UtopYA 2015 Changed my life!

So I went to UtopYA… and you all inspired me to be EPIC!

Epic can be so many different things for so many different people. For me, my journey to UtopYA taught me more about myself than about my writing and that was a priceless lesson.

I learned that there is a community of loving people out there who are willing to accept me for who I am; faults, fears and all. I watched in awe as so many of you openly bared your souls and bravely shared the ups and downs you’ve experienced in life and celebrated them because they’ve helped make you who you are. Please know that sharing those words with me meant more than you’ll ever know.

You’ve inspired me to start a blog where I plan to share my story of hope, healing and love after dealing with loss.

A common theme I kept hearing from so many of you was that there was some life event that drove you to that “uh huh” moment. One thing that made you realize life is short and fleeting and that we are never promised tomorrow. Something that made you decide to stop waiting and follow your dreams NOW!

Whatever that moment was, I’ve found that we are lucky if it woke us up. I know it might seem strange to say that, because many of these moments that drove us to follow our passions where tragedies, but this is how I choose to think of it. Life isn’t fair. Bad things happen. Really terrible, awful, seemingly impossible events can hit anyone of us, at any time and they do… the thing is, if you do nothing about that awful thing, if it doesn’t stop you in your tracks and make you change yourself for the better, than what was the point of it?

So thank you all for inspiring me to be Epic. To be brave and to share my story of how I’ve made living with loss change me into someone who sees beauty in the small things, lives in the moment, finds inspiration in writing and hopes to spread love and give support to others on their journey of healing.

I am no where near whole. I may never be completely healed. I’ll never be the person I was before, but I don’t need to be. I just need to be who I am, in this day, at this moment. My son taught me that people come into our lives for a reason and to cherish them while you can. I’ve decided to live my life grateful for each encounter and open myself up to receiving the meaning.

It took sitting in a room full of complete strangers at UtopYA and listening to them talk about their tragedies to realize that I’m not alone and that I don’t have to hide.

I’ve always been scared to be honest and tried to hide the scars that the difficult times of my life have left me with, fearing that once revealed, they’d be all you’d see. But you’ve shown me that it’s not the case, that opening up builds deep and instant connections. You’ve shown me that I can be more than what I’ve been through, and that maybe I can help heal others while still healing myself. I’ve started a new blog dedicated to doing just that. Here’s the link to 52 Sunrises – a journey of hope, healing and love.

So thank you to everyone who I met at UtopYA. I can’t even begin to list you all, but you were all a part of a positive change in my life and I will love you all forever because of it.  Not to mention you’re all incredible people and I had the best time being a unicorn with you.



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3 Responses to UtopYA 2015 Changed my life!

  1. hagelart says:

    My name is GENEVA! And, I’m very sick right now. I was an art educator for high school and college students. I am a practicing painter and sculptor. I saw this post on Facebook and was interested because I am a GENEVA PROJECT trying to reinvent myself for what’s next. Just wanted to let you know I’m checking out the link. Geneva Hagelstein

    • cbenjamin79 says:

      Hi Geneva. I’m always pleased to meet someone named Geneva. You are rare gems! I love that name so much that I named my whole series after it. I’m sorry to hear that you’re ill. Keep positive. You have a great attitude already with wanting to reinvent yourself. – Much love. Christina

  2. Tina Donnelly says:

    You are such a beautiful person. It was an honor to meet you! Be brave and know you have many new supporters. Hugs!!

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