ARC NOLA Con 2105

Hi guy! Sorry this post is a little overdue. I’ve been busy planning fun events for my upcoming release of The Geneva Project – Lies, but I had so much fun in New Orleans, I wanted to make sure I shared.

This past month I got to cross another great city off my bucket list! New Orleans. When I found out that there was a writing convention going on in NOLA, I jumped at the chance to attend. Both the conference and the city didn’t disappoint.

V. A. Dold did a great job organizing, the hotel staff was wonder and I met so many great people! (Authors, Bloggers, Readers and everyone in between.) I even had some amazing YA authors donate to my One-for-One campaign that aims to bring over 1000 books to programs in need. B.L Marsh and Alys Arden, you’re so generous.

Some highlights were: The Amazon 101 Class, Jaycee Ford’s Pub Crawl, Hanging out with Kimber Leigh Wheaton at Pat O’brien’s, Lunch with Kathi S. Barton, Karen Fuller and Denise Bush, The Vampire Tour and Everything with B.L. Marsh & Shannon Bell. Meeting up with Tia Silverthorne Bach for a Ghost Pour -uhum- I meant Tour was pretty unforgettable too!

I also had a wonderful time taking in the gorgeous city. We revisited historic sites during walking tours, heard ghastly tales, and tried famous eats and drinks. Five days wasn’t enough. I can’t wait until my next trip back.

And for anyone planning to visit, I planted a little scavenger hunt for you if you’re up for the challenge. Find this card at Jean Lafittes Bar and I’ll send you a special prize! It won’t be easy. There’s a few thousand business cards lining the walls. Happy Hunting and may the odds be ever in your favor!




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