National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo)

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I had the pleasure of joining authors L.E. Perez and Kristin Durfee at Writer’s Atelier – an official NaNoWriMo location – in Winter Park, FL yesterday to help kick off Nation Novel Writing Month coming up November 1st. We had a fun panel moderated by Racquel Henry – Writer’s Atelier, founder – where we discussed the different methods of writing (Plotter vs Pantser vs Plantser), techniques and tools we use to keep up on track, working through adversity, celebrating successes  and how we reward our progress.

After the panel discussion we moved to an open floor forum and fielded questions from the audience, comprised of first time writers to accomplished authors and everyone in between. The questions and feedback were terrific and I had a great time as always at Writer’s Atelier.

Check out the Writer’s Atelier website for the NaNoWriMo Write in Dates and Times as well as upcoming writing workshops. I’ll be hosting a Teen Writing workshop there this January.


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