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The question I get asked most at all my school author visits is, “Are your books going to be made into movies?” And it’s a great question. I mean who doesn’t want to see their favorite books brought to life on the big screen. I myself am a huge fan of series like Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Twilight and Divergent. Those movies were incredible and helped put the books in front of thousands of young readers, who may not have picked up the book without the hype built by the films.

When I get asked that question, my answer is always this. “I hope that one day it will, and the great part about the book industry is that you, the reader, are in charge of what books grab the attention of the film makers. If you love the books you’re reading, the best thing you can do is shout it from the rooftops. Share it with all your friends and family, talk about it on social media, start a fan club or blog. Books that have huge followings, get attention of those who want to make it into a film.”

So let your voice be heard.

xo – Christina



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