This is what you’ve been waiting for… Sneak Peek of Book 4!!!!


Thank you for patiently waiting for the 4th book in The Geneva Project series. Writing these epic fantasy novels takes a long time because I want to weave the stories into ones you’ll cherish forever. Also, I have to live up to the incredible praise and success of the previous books. With that in mind I’m working hard to make book 4 the best in the series! Since we’re still a ways out from the finish line, I wanted to share a little excerpt from book 4 to thank you for sticking with me. Enjoy!

The Geneva Project – Book 4 (excerpt):

Nova pulled the fragile bundle of paper from his pocket where he always kept it. He rubbed his thumb distractedly over the letters that scribbled his name and flipped the note over, staring at the trace of faded pink lipstick. He robotically put the note to his lips, matching the kiss stamped on the paper with his own as he squeezed his eyes closed tight, willing the pain to come. It was swift and all consuming and always left him breathless, but Nova was desperate to cling to any proof that what he and Geneva had existed at all.

Gently unfolding the single sheet of delicate paper, Nova began scanning the words he’d already memorized. The folds were worn thin from the hundreds of times the note had been folded and unfolded since he first read it. Deep down, Nova knew the words wouldn’t be any different than the first time he’d read them. He knew they wouldn’t offer him any comfort, but that was partly why he wanted them. He needed to see Geneva’s words, to hear that she had loved him, to know that he hadn’t imagined it. Knowing she loved him, yet they couldn’t be together, was torture, but the searing pain that bit into his heart was the only proof he had left that he was still alive.

Ever since he’d been dragged from the streets of Lux to the forest, he’d felt like he was in a nightmare that he couldn’t wake from. Each morning brought the painful memories flooding back to him. Geneva was gone. Nova was convinced that he’d died right there in Lux when he heard her agree to marry Kai in exchange for his life.

Geneva had been his joy, his soul, his hope and now it had all been taken away. He didn’t know how much longer he could survive the memories of her that pulled him back to the painful mistakes that led to her unfortunate fate. Nova struggled for a moment with whether or not to read the letter again, but in the end he knew his heart would win out and he would surrender to her words. They were all he had left of her now.

Dear Nova,

 You’ve said it yourself. We’ve never been good at just talking, but you already know that. So let me try to write it all out. Writing always helps me sort out my feelings. I don’t know why I’ve waited so long to finally tell you the truth, because now that I have, I can’t stop it. The words flow from my heart with the strength of a thousand rivers. Perhaps it’s because I’ve kept my feelings for you so dammed up lately. I guess a part of me has always been afraid of what loving you would mean. I knew if I ever had the courage to tell you everything, there would be no going back. But here we are. It’s time for the truth. I promise you no more lies, only truth…

That’s all for now 🙂 But, wow – I get shivers when I read it! I just love Nova and Geneva! They’ve been through so much together! I can’t wait to continue their story. What do you think will happen? Who will Geneva end up with? Will she fulfill her destiny? Is her fate doomed?

I love hearing from you. Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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