New Year – New Projects

2016 GOALS

Happy New Year fellow book nerds.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and are enjoying the start of 2016. I have big plans for this year, which includes lots of book signings and publishing 8 new titles!

I thought I’d share some of what I’m working on with you, so you can add keep it on your radar.

99 Epic – St. Augustine: A new series that highlights 99 Epic things to do when visiting St. Augustine, FL. It’s more than your average travel book. Along with stunning photography and local tips, it offers inspirational quotes and ideas you can incorporate into your everyday life that will have you living each moment to the fullest.

  • Genre:Non-fiction: Travel/Inspirational
  • Est. Publish Date:  3.1.16
  • check out the website for a sneak peek

The Timekeeper’s Daughter: Is the next installment of The Geneva Project – Prequels. This short story gives us a glimpse into what life was like before the Flood. It also highlights some of your favorite characters.

  • Genre – Fiction: YA Fantasy
  • Est. Publish Date: 3.15.16
  • Follow The Geneva Project on Facebook for updates.

Auntie Lea’s Night Time Nonsense: This whimsical project has been so much fun to work on. I’ve paired up with award-winning children’s novelist, N. Jane Quackenbush to put out a compilation of poems and short stories that the young at heart will enjoy. We’ve even been doing our own illustrations! It’s been such a different journey than the solitary hours normally spent dedicated to writing my novels.

  • Genre – Fiction: Children’s Illustrated Picture Book
  • Est. Publish Date: 4.15.16
  • Follow my Author Page on Facebook for updates.

The Floating Stone: This is the 3rd installment of The Geneva Project – Prequels series. This short story gives us a sweet glimpse into Sparrow and Journey’s relationship. They are two of my favorite characters and I love how their story unfolds.

  • Genre – Fiction: YA Fantasy
  • Est Publish Date: 5.15.16
  • Follow The Geneva Project on Facebook for updates.

Midsummer Nightmare – Debut Collective Anthology: I am extremely excited for this publication. I was invited to be part of this amazing anthology at Utopia Con last year. My novella about a theater geek who ends up trapped in one of Shakespeare’s iconic plays is full of fantasy, magic, fairies and young love! Can you tell I’m a big fan of Shakespeare? The Debut Collective will be making it’s Debut at the 2016 Utopia Con.

  • Genre – Fiction: YA Fantasy
  • Est Publish Date:6.1.16
  • Follow Debut Collective on Facebook for updates.

Wings of Liberty – Utopia Anthology: I had so much fun writing this piece. It’s a retelling a Paul Revere’s Midnight Ride. Of course I mixed in the supernatural. I really enjoyed reimagining the tale of revolution and how it might have been shaped if magic were involved. This piece is in the running to be published in the official Utopia Anthology. such a coveted spot can only be secured by the love of the readers. So make sure you check out all the submissions and vote for your favorite. Only the top 8 make it!

  • Genre – Fiction: NA Historical Fantasy/Romance
  • Est. Publish Date: ???
  • Read excerpts and Vote HERE

The Geneva Project – Book 4: This will be the 4th and final book in The Geneva Project series. It will be a bittersweet moment to publish the last book in the series that started it all. I’ve received such an outpouring of love and support for the stories shared in this series. I will be sad to write THE END. But I take comfort in the fact that this story exists and we can revisit the fantastical world of Hullabee Island and all it’s beloved characters anytime we wish. That being said, this last book has been my favorite to write. There is so much action and mystery. I myself can’t wait to see how it ends. Plus, we all know the one rule of fiction – Never say never…

  • Genre – Fiction: YA Fantasy
  • Est. Publish Date: 9.1.16
  • Follow The Geneva Project on Facebook for updates.

52 Sunrises: This is a very personal project I’ve been working on since my son passed away in 2013. It’s a collection of journal entries I wrote and never planned to share. But through my healing process, so many people have been gracious enough to share their journey of healing with me and each one has brought me comfort. My wish for 52 Sunrises is that in sharing my own journey of coping with loss, I can offer others hope.

  • Genre – Non-Fiction: Inspirational/Self-Help
  • Est. Publish Date: 12.1.16
  • For more on 52 Sunrises check out the website.

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