Writing Retreat



Hi guys,

I just wanted to share one of my recent writing adventures. I got to go on a writing retreat with another great author friend of mine. This is the first time I’ve done a writing retreat that wasn’t solo. Writing can be such a solitary career, so it’s always nice when you can find a fellow writer to bond with.

N. Jane Quakenbush and I set off for 3 days of uninterrupted writing bliss. And that meant not internet or wifi! Man, it’s amazing what I can do without the distraction of the web.

Day 1 – We set daily writing goals as well as overall goals for the retreat and helped hold each other accountable. When we found ourselves on break at the same times we shared a meal and were sounding boards for ideas. I was so motivated I wrote until 3 am the first day, crushing 9k words!

Day 2 – I got a late start from burning the midnight oil, but dove right into where I left off. It was great to pick up right were I’d left off. I did 7k that day and quite at a decent time (midnight).

Day 3 – Got up at a less zombie-like hour and wrote until noon. Then it was time to back up and head back to reality.

Overall – I did over 20k words, just about finished my first draft of book 4 in The Geneva Project and realized that I’ve come nowhere close to reaching my limits of writing. I had such a blast spending that much time with another writer. We are a special breed, all truly kindred spirits of word and I always enjoy spending time with such souls. And learn so much.

reTREAT – I feel so blessed to be able to follow my dreams of writing. And getting to spend three days doing what I love was an absolute treat. If you ever get a chance to do a writing retreat with a friend I highly recommend it. Or set up you’re own. It was really just two people passionate about writing and now internet!

PS – pack lots of food. I brought everything I needed and never left the house!

Special thanks to the amazing and generous N. Jane Quackenbush


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I love animals, music, travel and writing about all of it.
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