New Release – The Floating Stone

I’m so excited to share the next prequel in The Geneva Project: Prequels with you, The Floating Stone!

The fans wanted more Sparrow and Journey, so this story is all about them, how they met and why their bond is so unbreakable. You can pre-order your copy on Amazon.

Check out the gorgeous cover art by Monique Renee and Philip Benjamin.


Dive into a maritime legend that predates The Geneva Project. Magic, Mermaids, Soul mates and the dilemma of how long to hold onto hope highlight the beginning of Sparrow and Journey’s friendship and how they forged an unbreakable bond stronger than magic.

This short story gives us a glimpse into Sparrow and Journey’s relationship.

Fall in love with them all over again when you find out how they first met and why they fiercely protect each other.

It will give their epic roles in the 4th and final book of The Geneva Project series even more significance.

Want a sneak peek?

The Marauded Mariner’s Hymn

Gods of sea and gods of light,

Let me be another night.

Up and down the ravaged shore,

Let me seek my love once more.

Among the debris lay things so still,

Things that make me pale and ill.

What is stone and what is bone?

The sea hisses and howls, I am alone.

But the waves and peril will not shake my hope,

My love is stronger than a hangman’s rope.

Despite the call from briny throats.

I never forget its hope that floats.


Sparrow and Journey are best friends, but they couldn’t be less alike. Journey is the quiet brooding type, while Sparrow has always been the bubbly, hopeful one. But when Sparrow’s floating stone seems to bestow its magic upon Journey, it’s Sparrow who starts having doubts. Is the floating stone really magic? Will it bring Sparrow and Journey what they’ve always wanted? Or will they find they had everything they need all along?




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