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I’ve been having so much fun with this months #READWITHBEN on instagram. I LOVE seeing all the pics of you reading The Geneva Project series. Keep sharing pics on instagram with the hashtag #READWITHBEN We’ll be starting Lies next week! It’s the perfect refresher right before Destiny comes out in August.

TGP read with ben

I was talking with Ben of Benjamin of Tomes and because he’s so awesome he suggested that I share some of my character descriptions with you. Some of you may remember that it used to be on the old website, but when I switched platforms I took it down to revise the new characters and got the idea that I want to publish a Geneva Project Codex after the 4th book (DESTINY) releases. It’ll have all the legends in it, plus each character will get a page or two with a description and maybe an illustration. But for now, I’m attaching the basic character descriptions for Truth. (Note: if you don’t like spoilers, don’t read about their powers) And as aways you can check out my Pinterst page where I have pics and inspiration boards for each character.

Characters from The Geneva Project – Truth

Jane #65 – (Geneva/Tippy/Eva)

She’s the Main Character, Orphaned by the flood, she has white blonde hair, clear blue eyes, pale skin, freckles, is short and thin. She is searching for the truth of who she is. Spunky, brave without realizing it. Has a lot of self doubt. A bit of a loner/outcast. Doesn’t have many friends. Bullied by classmates.


(if you’d rather discover the magic powers the characters have as you read, skip over the paragraphs with each character’s “powers” listed.)

Geneva’s Powers

She’s an echo so she can do anything anyone else can do. Produces orbs of light, fissures, telepathy, talk to animals. She’s a parallel as well so if people use magic on her she can mirror it back to them. She had potential unknown powers.

John #18 – (Nova)

He’s an older boy at the Troian Center, who may hold the key to unlocking the truth to Tippy’s identity. He has wavy golden blond hair, Green eyes, is Tan, Tall, and handsome. Rugged, chiseled good looks get him what he wants. Girls swoon over him and guys wish they could be him. He’s athletic, good at everything he tries He’s very sarcastic, quick to take action, passionate, cares deeply for Geneva. Truly wants the best for her. Believes in her. He’s a natural leader, strong personality, can turn on the charm when needed. Very confident.

Nova’s Powers

Fire, telepathy, reading minds and implanting thoughts and others unknown.

John #26 – (Remi)

He’s Tippy’s best friend, and gets unknowingly roped into her quest to find the truth. He has Brown hair, Brown eyes, and is very shy. He’s pale and average build. Not super athletic, but can hold his own when needed. He’s kind, loyal and has loved Geneva for as long as he’s known her. Very protective of her. Doesn’t like all the new friends. He hates being the center of attention. Doesn’t trust others besides Geneva. Has a bit of a mousy personality with people he doesn’t know. Likes to take things in from the sidelines. Doesn’t know how to act around girls.

Remi’s Powers – unknown

Jane #31 – (Jemma)

She’s the mean girl at the Troian Center. Every girl wishes they could be her and every guy wants to date her. She’s made it her goal to make Tippy’s life miserable. She’s a year older, tall, thin, tan and beautiful, with black hair and dark eyes. She’s conceited, intimidating, arrogant and not used to not getting her way. Very vindictive. You don’t want to be on her bad side. She secretly mourns the loss of her family and sister and that’s why she acts out.

Jemma’s Powers


Jane #42 – (Sparrow)

She’s one of Tippy’s new friends at the Troian Center and is helping her on her quest for Truth. She has fine mousy brown hair, amber eyes, and delicate, bird-like features. Thin and lanky. Wears braids and feathers in her hair. Soft spoken, sweet aura. Always smiling and optimistic. Very glass half full and encouraging.

Sparrow’s Powers

Healing, bounding, telepathy.

John #22 – (Journey)

He’s the strong and silent type and has been Sparrow’s BFF for years so now he’s on team Tippy. He has short light brown hair, amber eyes, and is very muscular and strong. Not much for talking. More the grunting, man of action type. Short temper. One of those guys that looks like he failed a few grades because he’s much more mature looking than his classmates. Good at all athletic endeavors. Very protective of Sparrow. Has a crush on her.

Journey’s Powers

Super strength, hunter skills like night vision, super sonic hearing, sense of smell and tracking abilities, telepathy and he can turn things to stone.


Young boy that Tippy and her friends meet on their adventures. He’s a Truiet and he secretly lives in the forest with the Betos. He is a wealth of information about the Beto’s and Truiet history. His head is shaved bald, olive skin, thin, dresses in native rainforest attire. Very graceful and quiet. Very intelligent. A quiet thinker. Think young Tibetan monk.

Eja’s Powers

 Can connect minds and share thoughts. Has a near photographic memory.

Headmistress Greeley

She’s the evil headmistress in charge of the Troian Center. Tall, thin, with dark neat hair, she always wears gloves and her necklace while ruling the Center with an iron fist. I envision a gaunt unhappy, witch-like character. Very self absorbed and greedy.

Greeley’s Powers

Uses magic from the stones to control tarcats and pushing students.


He’s the meanest Grift at the Troian Center. He is missing part of his arm from the Flood
and is always in a bad mood and looking for any excuse to send orphans to the locker. A bit slouchy with rotten teeth and stringy hair. Think Filtch from Harry Potter.

Miss Neilia

She’s the Reading and Writing teacher at the Troian Center. She’s Thin, with dark hair, and glasses. Very proper school marm. Takes her job seriously.

Miss Banna

She’s the Plants and Poisons teacher at the Troian Center. She’s a bit over weight, with gray messy hair, and is very excitable. Always sweating. Loves her area of study. Super nerdy about plants.

Mr Greyvin

He’s the History and Trade teacher at the Troian Center. He has salt and pepper hair and a no nonsense attitude. Doesn’t enjoy his job. Seems bored to be teaching students.

Mr. Hookturn

He’s the Math and Calendars teacher at the Troian Center. He’s old and hard of hearing and wears thick glasses. Seems easily confused.

Miss Breia

She’s the lovable Nurse at the Troian Center. She’s pudgy, sweet and cheerful. Reddish brown hair and rosy cheeks. Always smells good and is in a cheerful mood. Loves her job and all the students.

Miss Sprigg

She’s a Grift that works at the Troian Center who teaches music to the orphans for the New Year Gala. Non-nonsense, but has trouble getting respect from students because she’s tiny.


He’s the baby marmouse that Tippy and her friends rescue from the forest and raise as their pet. Offers friendship, love and connection to Geneva’s life that has been void of such things. She’s very attached to him and he plays a pivotal role in the story.


Black & White jungle cat. He’s one of Greeley’s personal tarcats. The largest at the Center.


Black & White jungle cat. She’s one of Greeley’s personal tarcats.


Remi’s brother who died in the flood.


Nova’s little sister who died in the flood.




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