New Release on Kindle World


As you may have seen I’ve been working on a secret writing project for the past few months. I’m so excited to announce that I’ve signed on with Amazon to write for Milly Taiden’s Kindle World! This is an ADULT ROMANCE (18+), with lots of steamy romance scenes! My romance titles going forward will all have the new C.M. Benjamin logo to help differentiate them from my Young Adult titles.

It’s a huge honor to be writing alongside so many incredibly talented authors to expand Milly’s world of shifters in Blue Creek! Her series Sassy Ever After is about a power family of wolf shifters in a world filled with paranormal creatures of all kinds. Barbara Wolfe and her mate, Tristan, have seen to the mating of their five children, who have fought many battles to win land, love, and life. Now, other amazing characters join the mix; opening the doors to new enemies and drama that only a sassy match could bring.

Check out Milly Taiden’s books and her Amazing Kindle World!

And grab your copy of my new title, Sassy Ink, right HERE.

NOTE: (Recommended for readers 18+) If you’re looking for a grown up version of Teen Wolf or Twilight this book is a good one to sink your teeth into.
(pun intended. wink-wink)

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Happy Reading!
XOXO – Christina


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I love animals, music, travel and writing about all of it.
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