An Author in Every School

Amelia Island Book Festival brings books and authors to schools.

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I’m so grateful to be a part of this program. I had an incredible time speaking at West Nassau High School last week, where every student in the school received a copy of my Young Adult Fantasy novel, The Geneva Project – Truth (vol. 1).

Many of the students had read the novel and had in-depth questions about the characters and where the series is heading. It was wonderful to field questions during the Q&A session of my presentation where I explained how I became an author and how I go about writing my books.

Some students even had questions for my husband, who is the graphic design guru behind my book covers. I loved hearing the students interpretations of the cover art and how it led them to believe certain plots twists were in store. Young readers are hyper aware of cover art and character development, and very animated when discussing their theories for where the series might go.

I look forward to staying connected with this school and it’s enthusiastic students. A special thank you to West Nassau High School’s incredible media specialist, Cynthia McNeill, who has truly inspired a new generation of students that are passionate about reading.

xoxo – Christina Benjamin


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