Book Launch Magic

Author Christina Benjamin shares a handy checklist she uses to launch her novels.

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Note from the Author: “My husband and I are two parts of the Crown Atlantic Publishing team. When launching around ten books a year we need to have a formula to keep things on track. I’m sharing what’s worked for us recently. Replicating success in the publishing industry isn’t easy, especially with the wide variety of genres and publishing platforms available, but we hope sharing this will help in some way.”                 – Christina Benjamin

For more info on Christina Benjamin and her novels check out her Amazon Author page.

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Editing a Novel . . .

Tune in to Christina Benjamin’s IGTV channel. She’ll be posting all things book related. This week’s topic is editing. Find out her formula for success.

Note from the author: “Hey guys, I hope you enjoy my Instagram channel. The videos are short snippets into my life as a writer and the adventures my books take me on. My motto is travel-write-repeat, so tune in to continue the chaos.” xoxo – Christina Benjamin

Click HERE to watch.


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Best Summer Ever

It’s official, The Summer Boyfriend has captured the flag. The #1 Bestseller flag, that is.

SUMMER boyfriend.jpg

A note from the author: “I just wanted to say a huge thank you to my readers. You guys continue to amaze me with all the love and support for the Boyfriend series. I put a little piece of my heart in every one of these books so it means the world to me that you continue to enjoy them.” xoxo – Christina

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Grab your copy on Amazon. Free for Kindle Unlimited. 

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