Writing a review is one of the best ways you can support your favorite authors. I love hearing from my readers. You all have such insightful feedback and it’s so amazing to see how you each uniquely experience Geneva’s story.

Here are some of my favorite reviews:

“This book is very well-written. It’s very gripping and a fast book. The short chapters should encourage reluctant readers to keep going. Also, the intriguing beginning made me want to find out more. The characters were well-developed, especially Geneva and Jemma. When you read the book, you really empathize with Geneva and want to help her  I loved the cliffhangers! They wanted me to keep reading and not put the book away. I recommend this book to anybody who wants a fast-paced, adventurous book that will keep them thinking!” (Reviewed by engineerphilip18 on – Age 12)

“This is an amazing story of how Jane #65 discovers she has powers that may be too much as they put her friendships to the test. This is a fast paced adventure about friendship, family, and not pushing things too far. I love this book because it has adventure in it but the real point is for her to find out who she really is. I would recommend this book to young teens that like adventure and don’t mind a bit of drama in it as well.” (Reviewed by LaRayne on – Age 10)

“After reading “Lies”, I have to say that this is the best character growth that I have ever seen depicted across a series. This book is an action-packed, heart-pounding, swoon-worthy read that will leave your eyes watery until the very last sentence. I guarantee that you will search the following pages to try and find more of this extraordinary story to devour.” (The Book Lioness)

“A delightful read full of adventure, mystery, love, and suspense – I couldn’t put it down.” (H. Haugstad)

“I haven’t cared this much about the characters in a dystopian novel since Hunger Games.” (Jolene Buchheit)

“You wanted to go on the journey and find the truth with the gang. It went by quickly and I didn’t want to put it down.” (Eve)

“This is my first from Christina Benjamin but it sure won’t be the last. I really enjoyed these characters and the story. Grab it, share it and get your kiddos reading.” (Book-Slore)

“My 11 yr old fell in love with this book” (Joanna)

“I loved reading Secrets as I discovered all the mind blowing twists and turns the author perfectly revealed.” (Sax Attak)

“Secrets was a fast-paced novel that was difficult to put down.” (Kathryn svendsen)

“Christina is a brilliant writer and creates an amazing world for her characters in Secrets.” (Lexy Ehler)

“This book was an amazing read, I could not put it down. It had me in suspense, made me laugh, and made me cry.” (lauren debick)

“I couldn’t put this book down, needing to know what was in store for Geneva and her friends next – a must read!” (Terese Avery)

“It is a perfect book for the beach when you have time to read because you don’t want to put it down.” (AGNES MAZZACCARO)

“I would recommend this series to anyone who enjoys YA, magic, and adventure.” (Jaimie M. Engle)

“What a fantastic third installment to the Geneva Project!” (Nicole927)

“I COULD NOT PUT THE BOOK DOWN and truly CAN NOT WAIT FOR THE LAST BOOK to see how everything ends. The Author did not disappoint with the unexpected plot twists especially towards the end. I strongly recommended the first and second book and also recommend the third, Lies.”  (Sax Attak)

“Couldn’t put it down!! And I’m the mom of the 12 year old who was the one reading it! Good read for everyone!! Can’t wait for book 4!!”  (Joanna)

“Just when I thought I knew what was next, the author threw me a curveball to keep me turning the pages!” (Marissa A.)

“One of the best young adult books I’ve read.” (Michael Snyder)

“Love this authors style!” (Momo Enjoyed)